May 30 2021

What to Know About Repairing the Interior of Your Car


Whether you're looking to increase the resale price of your car or just make your driving more comfortable, check out these simple tips for restoring your vehicle's interior. After years of driving and parking in the sun, the look of your car's dashboards, door panels and seats begins to fade. Most people only think about painting the exterior of their vehicle. However, you can also use special vinyl and leather paints to give your vehicle a new lease of life. If you need to fill in any cuts or scuffs before you begin, there are effective repair compounds that can be painted over. There are even special upholstery paints for the seats.

Before embarking on this type of project, you will need a few basic materials, including:

  1. A soap for vinyl and plastic
  2. Scrub brush
  3. A clean, damp cloth that does not lint
  4. A preparation sprayer
  5. Dye
  6. A dust mask
  7. Safety glasses


1. The Dashboard:

If your dashboard has cracks or is damaged, a dashboard panel may be the solution. These products are available for all types of vehicles and fit just above the existing dashboard. When the dashboard panel is properly installed, you won't even know it's there.


2. A Fast and Efficient Way to Secure Your Headliner:

If you are driving an old car, it is possible that the inside of the roof has sagged, which can be dangerous as your vision will be blocked when you try to see something in your rearview mirror. Spray adhesives are an effective and inexpensive way to solve the problem. Spray the glue on the ceiling and on the headliner, then wait until it becomes tacky. Then just press and smooth as you go. Be sure to wait a few hours before driving, keeping the windows open.


3. Small Tears on the Fabric Seats:

Spray glue can also be used to repair small tears on your seats. For larger damage, the cheapest way to deal with the problem is to use a cover. Otherwise, you will have to refer to upholstery specialists. Spending a little time and money on restoring the interior of your vehicle will certainly pay off when it comes time to sell your car. In the meantime, you will be driving a car that will look like new.

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