Jan 13 2022

Here is Why Car AC Maintenance is Important


Caring for the Air Conditioner (AC) of your car is as important as taking care of your car. Because, AC will make your trip more comfortable.  Having a clean, shiny, & nice car but no air conditioning in the car, it's like driving a four-wheeled oven, because a car without air conditioner feels very hot. If you want to do car AC maintenance, then you must know the components that will be cleaned. Instead, ask some of the following things that will be treated, what are they?


Compressor Oil:

A car air conditioner technically requires compressor oil to function properly. The function of this oil itself is to lubricate the car ac compressor so it doesn't get damaged quickly. In addition, the oil also functions so that the sound emitted by the AC compressor does not make a noisy sound. Therefore, before carrying out car maintenance, consult with a mechanic about what oil to use.  Of the many choices of oil, usually it has been adjusted for the type of car. So, use AC compressor oil that is suitable for the type of car.


Oil Quality and Volume:

In addition to the type of oil, the quality of compressor oil is also very important to know. AC compressor oil that is too old will cause corrosion on the components of the AC itself.From this, it can be concluded, what quality oil should be used so that the things above do not happen to the car air conditioner. In addition, also tell the history of the journey that has been passed. How many kilometers have you traveled and when is the right time to change the car's AC compressor oil.


AC Freon:

If it's time for the car's freon to be replaced, make sure to identify the freon that fits your car. Some cars produced under 2000 will usually use a different freon from modern cars like today. Don't forget to consult first with a mechanic or technician who will replace the car's AC freon.


Part Replacement:

Apart from that, some parts of the car's AC parts must also be consulted before being replaced. Some components such as the evaporator and others are very important to know their originality.  This method is to ensure that the part is indeed suitable for the type of car and to avoid major problems that occur in the future.

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