Jan 19 2022

How to Care for Tires Correctly


In order for the car's performance to remain optimal, you must be patient in caring for and replacing components regularly, especially for car tires. Excellent tire conditions greatly affect the acceleration while driving. Do not let bald car tires increase the risk of traffic accidents, especially when you pass through slippery roads.


Check Tire Pressure Regularly:

A simple thing that must be done regularly is to check the air pressure in the tires to ensure that the car tire pressure is always within normal limits. Do the air filling periodically when the pressure begins to decrease. This maintenance should be done every two weeks to once a month to maintain the quality of the tires.


Check the Tire Surface Carefully:

The grooves on the surface of the tires serve to increase the frictional force with the road when you drive. If the groove is not clear and the texture of the car tire is getting thinner, it means that you have to quickly replace it with new tires. Tires that are already thin and slippery are at risk of disrupting driving safety because the traction of the tires has decreased and it is difficult to adapt to the slippery road texture. Choose a new car tire with a large groove and thick material. The price of quality car tires is quite expensive, but the benefits are comparable to support driving safety.


Rotate Tires Periodically:

Actually, it doesn't have to change four tires at once. Front tires bald faster due to braking. So, only need to move the rear tire to replace the front tire. While the back of the car uses new tires. This method will make it more efficient without neglecting the car's performance and driving safety. your car will have no problem if it is equipped with tires that have high friction.


Limit Car Capacity:

Not many people realize that carrying too many passengers or goods has a bad effect on car tires. Excessive car capacity makes car tires work extra hard while traveling. In fact, excessive car capacity also makes the use of fuel more wasteful. It would be better if limited the capacity of the car, especially if you were going to travel long distances for a long time.


Avoid Damaged Roads:

You cannot predict the state of the road that will be passed. Maybe have to pass through damaged roads that risk damaging car tires. However, you should avoid damaged roads if you are going through a known route. Because damaged roads make car tires bald faster and break easily. The average life of a car tire that often passes through damaged roads is definitely shorter than the tires of a car that often goes through smooth roads.


Use Nitrogen:

The use of air for car tires is now starting to be replaced by nitrogen. Car tire pressure becomes more stable with nitrogen filling because the gaseous substance is not easy to change in pressure even though the temperature is not stable. Another benefit that can be obtained if the tire pressure is stable is the shape of the tire that is not easily changed. Tires remain perfectly round even if you pass through damaged or uneven roads. This advantage certainly makes the quality of car tires more durable and only needs to be replaced when they have been used for a long time.

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