Feb 02 2022

Most Suitable Treatment For Your Car in Rainy Season


The rainy season has arrived, You have to be able to keep the car shiny with a perfect appearance. Well, actually rain water contains salt which can cause various problems in your car. Moreover, if you are one of those people who really pay attention to the appearance of your car. Thus, you need to take a number of ways to prevent this from happening. Before knowing how to take care of it, you need to know in advance the dangers posed to the car due to being exposed to rain water.


Moldy Car Body:

Rainwater contains salt which is acidic. The content contains a PH, which is between 3 to 5. Thus, the content can make the car body rust and can also trigger mold on the car body.


Broken Car Paint:

If rainwater sticks to the car and is not cleaned immediately, it can cause corrosion. Because the acid content in rainwater can damage the car paint.


Direct Clean Car Body:

After being exposed to rain, you must immediately clean it. Don't let the rain water dry up. Because, it will leave a mark on the car body. In fact, it can damage the paint on your car body. Likewise on the wheels of the car. Because, the acid content in rainwater can also cause the wheels to rust. So, you have to wipe the car wheels to avoid corrosion.


Check the Inside of the Machine:

In addition to immediately cleaning it, you also have to check the inside of the car. Because, the rainwater could get into the cracks of your car. Including the engine in the car. Therefore, you must check the engine part of the car so that the vehicle does not break down.


How to Take Care:

The rainy season is a time for car owners to be wary and alert. Because, there must be extra care for your car. Treatment that must be done is on the exterior. The exterior is the first layer to come into direct contact with water. As a result, when it rains plus the roads are muddy and dirty, the car body will get dirty easily. If not cleaned, the car will be unsightly. For that, there are several ways to take care of the car body during the rainy season, namely:


Keep Clean:

To maintain cleanliness, you can wash it directly with clean water and don't forget to use special car soap. Make sure the dirt that sticks is gone.


Don't Get Used to the Rain Water Dries up:

If you are driving when it is raining, then when you get home, don't leave the car on purpose and even dry it without washing it. At least after the rain should immediately wipe to dry. Because rain water contains salt and acid, if not wiped, it can cause rust. In fact, you should not just wipe, but wash it using soap and washing supplies.


Check Baggage and Hood Cleanliness:

After driving when it rains, you should check at several points on the car such as the trunk and hood. Because the two places are usually covered with dirt such as leaves and twigs. If dirt collects, it will clog the drainage holes. As a result, water can accumulate and eventually rust.


Clean the Undercarriage:

Don't forget to clean the underside of the car. Because the bottom of the car body is made of metal, if it is exposed to water and dirt, it is not impossible that rust will appear. If the car has been cleaned after being exposed to rain, then after that you should do detailing waxing. This method is done so that the car still looks shiny.


Store in Closed Garage:

One thing that needs to be done after washing the car and providing various maintenance fluids is to store the car in a closed place or garage. This is of course to prevent the car from being hit by rain and prevent the appearance of spots or mildew.

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