Mar 27 2021

What to Do When the Car Does Not Start?


Your car does not start? Here are some possible scenarios that explain this annoying problem. In any case, two steps are necessary: ​​take a deep breath, then contact your mechanic.


Are You in the "P" Position?

The situation is most unpleasant: you sit behind the wheel, you turn the key in the ignition, and… nothing happens. You try again, but the result remains the same.

  1. First make sure that the transmission lever is in the P position (for Park ). Most automatic transmission cars will not start otherwise.

If your car still won't start, it's time to get in touch with a good mechanic .


Why Doesn't Your Car Start?

Several problems can be the cause of a car that will not start. To get the facts straight - and to remedy the situation - contact a mechanic without delay. In most cases, an auto repair professional will be able to give you a diagnosis to get your car back to working order.


Scenario 1: The Motor Makes a Rapid Clicking Noise

The motor is not running (no throbbing noise), but it makes a quick clicking noise. This could mean that the battery is dead or that it is simply not producing enough electricity to generate a spark in the engine.

  1. You may just need a quick charge ( boost ) using battery cables. Your mechanic will be able to help you get the vehicle back to working order.
  2. Calling a tow truck for a refill is also an option.
  3. Cold weather can be a big factor when the car does not start.
  4. If the engine starts but shuts off after just a second or two, your alternator could be to blame - especially if your car is an older model.


Scenario 2: No Sound is Heard

The key turns, but no sound is heard. It might then be helpful to have a mechanic check the wires going in and out of the battery.

  1. It could be that the wires or the cable of the terminal are corroded and it is probably for this reason that the car does not start. Have the mechanic clean or change the wires or terminal cable.


Scenario 3: The Car Does not Start on Rainy Days

The car does not start on rainy or foggy days. Have your mechanic check the moisture level under the ignition distributor cap.

  1. If the car does not start in wet weather, there may be a problem with the wiring. Have the mechanic apply a solvent to get rid of the moisture.


Scenario 4: The Motor Makes a Noise Forcing but Does Not Start

It may have to do with whether or not there is fuel in your tank.

  1. Make sure there is fuel in the tank without wasting it, then try again.
  2. In cold weather, the fuel line could be frozen, especially if the fuel tank is relatively empty.

Either way, your auto repair professional will be able to take a look at your car and identify why the auto will not start.


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