Jul 03 2021

Touch Up Your Car's Paint


Completely repainting the bodywork will rid your car of its small imperfections, but the bill may empty your pockets! Here's how to give him back the chandelier that was his in the showroom.

In the middle of winter, the particles of shot and gravel cause your car to adhere to the road. The rest of the year, calamities fly everywhere and cut the bodywork of your beloved car. These little nicks look ugly, but the worst part is that they can rust - touch-ups don't have to wait.

With patience and meticulousness, the repair is not difficult. You are in the presence of three layers: the steel body, the paint itself, and an acrylic varnish finish. Wet sanding alone is often enough to repair small scratches on the varnish - as long as the paint is still present. So-called touch-up pens help prevent corrosion, but, much to the chagrin of car-loving owners, the color rarely blends with that of the old paint.



The best touch-ups are achieved with paint that exactly matches that of the body. It is on sale in the form of small jars from the appropriate dealer. With sandpaper, rub the area to be treated, very precisely on the notch and just around. Make a good tool by gluing a small circle of very fine sandpaper on the eraser of a new pencil. Rub very gently, in a circular motion. Sand out any irregularities, but definitely don't dig deeper than the notch. Then cover the area around the notch by spreading a thick layer of carnauba wax and repeat this operation with the pencil. The paint does not stick to waxed surfaces:



Apply the paint by tapping with a toothpick. Don't overdo it. Wait a day for the product to dry thoroughly. Then sand lightly, just enough to remove any irregularities on the paint surface. Patience: it will probably take several layers. Finally, apply a clear coat on the retouched part. Once this layer is dry, dampen a small piece of sandpaper to gently rub the paint until it is nicely shiny.

If this seems complicated to you, some do-it-yourselves specializing in car maintenance have developed a little trick: they mix the paint with the varnish and thus skip a step. But if the result disappoints you, it is because you would have been better inspired to bring your little treasure right away to a professional paint shop. Whether it's precise paint touch-ups or a complete bodywork finish, the specialization of such a workshop boils down to three words: flawless surfaces. Isn't your darling vehicle worth the pampering?

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