Dec 08 2021

These Bad Habits You Should Avoid So That Your Car Lives Long


Drivers usually have bad habits in caring for and maintaining personal belongings, including vehicles, never underestimate this bad habit that can cause your car to be short-lived and quickly damaged. Caring for a car is an important thing that needs to be done so that the car is in top condition. However, if bad habits both driving and in maintaining the car are still carried out, it can endanger the driver himself. From this negligent habit, the expenses are getting bigger and there are many car parts that need to be repaired.

Here, we will reveal bad car care habits that must be avoided so that the vehicle is always in a healthy condition and comfortable to drive.


Lazy to Service Routinely:

The bad habit of being lazy to do regular service at an official workshop greatly affects the condition of the car, especially when it has passed certain kilometers recommended by the manufacturer. Many reasons for this bad habit done by car owners. Starting from the location of the workshop which is far from home, to feeling the car is not having problems. Based on the manual, the car actually has to undergo maintenance every 10 thousand km or every 6 months depending on which one is reached first.


Car Parking in the Sun:

The bad habit of parking the vehicle in an open area without a roof and exposed to direct sunlight can make the paint fade easily. As a simple solution, always use a cover so that the car is not exposed to direct sunlight.


Smoking in the Car:

This one bad habit, there must be someone who does it, especially for those who like to smoke. Of course, the effect is very large on the air conditioner, especially cigarette smoke can make the interior of the car dull quickly. If you don't want the interior to get dull quickly, you shouldn't smoke while driving or in the car. Use the cabin filter to filter out dirt and dust in the car. Finally, clean the car regularly so that the cleanliness of the cabin is maintained and car maintenance is not in vain.


Parking Under the Tree:

Parking the car under a tree is the most important choice, because it is shaded and slightly covered so that the car is not exposed to direct sunlight. However, without realizing it, parking a car under a tree risks damaging the paint layer of the car because tree branches may fall. Moreover, if the tree releases sap, once it is attached to the car body it will be difficult to remove.


Lazy to Check Tire Pressure:

One habit that is actually easy but lazy to do is checking tire pressure. Actually this is an easy thing, but because of the lazy and busy factor, car owners are reluctant to check. As a result, the car can be wasteful of fuel until the tires are damaged quickly.  For this reason, check the air pressure on the tires regularly every two weeks, especially for tires filled with nitrogen or once a week for tires filled with regular air, so that you know the progress of your car's tire air.


Passing Potholes At High Speed:

Never pass through a hole at normal or high speed. Because it can damage the legs of the car. In addition to reducing speed, it also helps you take care of the car's legs such as the suspension and other parts that depend on the car's propulsion. So that it doesn't get damaged quickly and stays durable.


Rarely Change Wiper:

When the rainy season arrives, you should replace the wipers if they are worn or brittle, but if you forget to replace them, the windshield can be scratched and end up with repairs at the salon, even the worst thing is having to replace the glass if the scratches are deep. Most car owners rarely check the condition of the wiper rubber before traveling or when taking care of the car.  After the wiper from the wiper rubber is felt to be not optimal, just replace it with a new wiper and make sure it matches the size so that the wiper sweep when it rains is still maximal.


Rarely Check Oil and Liquid:

This is important but often overlooked and risky if we are negligent, because we rarely check the condition of the oil and other fluids in the car. The habit of forgetting to check the oil and fluids in the car will cause a lot of problems, which will end up having to replace parts or having to get off the engine if the oil in the engine is low. For that, be diligent in checking the condition of the oil and fluids in the car so that it remains in excellent condition and car maintenance is not expensive.


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