Jan 25 2022

Symptoms of Your Car's Suspension Problems


In addition to the body, chassis, engine and gearbox, car suspension also has an important role in comfort and safety while driving. Suspension or legs that are still fit will certainly be a necessity for every driver or car owner. For this reason, the suspension is one component that must be maintained regularly. But like other mechanical components, the legs of car also have a service life and their performance will decrease over time. A problematic suspension will interfere with comfort and safety in driving. It is important for you to know the signs of a problematic suspension. So, it is necessary to check the suspension components. Well, you must understand about this problematic suspension. This is the review:


Sound Appear:

While driving, you heard a strange sound, perhaps suspecting that the car's suspension was starting to have problems. The strange sounds in question are indeed various, ranging from squeaking sounds, sounds like friction to sounds like crashing accompanied by vibrations. Immediately do a check at a trusted workshop.


Weird Steering:

Strange in question is the movement of the steering wheel that feels unusual or abnormal. The steering wheel can feel pulled in a certain direction, the rotation feels heavy when turned in one direction, vibrates to the position of the steering wheel that doesn't fit. If this happens, the possibility is that there are problems with the legs, wheels and the steering system of car.


Oil leak:

Check under your car and there is oil seepage on the springs or shockbreaker. If so, then the component needs to be replaced immediately. When seepage occurs, it is possible that the seal on the shockbreaker is weak and needs to be replaced. If it is still forced, it will make the shockbreaker performance not optimal or even not working at all.


Noisy Car:

This symptom occurs when components such as springs and shockbreakers have started to deteriorate. Pay attention if the car crosses speed bumps or potholes, if the damping of the car feels reduced, or even does not feel at all, then it is advised to check and replace components if needed.


Car Tilt Side:

This happens when the per performance has started to decrease. The causes are varied. Call it the age of use to the habit of bearing excess weight only on one side. Immediately check and replace because it will interfere with the comfort and handling of the car.


Tires Wear:

If the tires look bald or wear unevenly, this indicates that there is something wrong with the suspension or wheel alignment, also known as wheel alignment. The easiest way is to do spooring and balancing . When spooring, it will be known the cause of the problem lies in the legs or in the wheel alignment of the wheels.

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