Oct 14 2021

Right Trick to Avoid Car AC Problems That Disrupt Your Trip


Air conditioning in a car is one of the important components that must be taken care of. Car cooling systems usually have a lower resistance than other air conditioners. The function of the air conditioner in a car is to release hot air in the car and blow cool air in it. In addition, the car air conditioner can also make the air inside can be maintained sterile and not stuffy.  However, car air conditioners don't always work well. As a result, the engine often vibrates when the car air conditioner is used. The car engine vibrates when the AC is on, it will really interfere with the trip. The speed of the vehicle will slow down and the engine may stop suddenly.

This Causes the Car Engine to Vibrate When the AC is on:


Broken Car AC Bearing:

Another source of problems can also be a damaged AC bearing or pulley, thus making the AC compressor rotation stutter. This then causes more vibrations in the engine that you feel from inside the cabin. Immediately to the workshop and make repairs on the bearings. You see, if left unchecked, the problem can spread to the timing belt. The repair costs that you have to pay in the end are even more swollen.


AC System Problem:

If it is not sourced from the two points above, it means that the culprit is a dead AC system. Generally, the trigger for this is frosting or freezing of the freon on the AC line, so the flow is blocked. In fact, the Freon system must have a clear flow and must not be obstructed in order to provide the cold temperature you feel from the AC. If frosting occurs, excessive engine vibration when the AC is on is like waiting for time. The air conditioning in the AC is also disturbed. That's not the only thing that causes interference with the car air conditioner. Users are not aware of their behaviour is often the main cause of damage to the car air conditioner. Some of them are smoking, opening the car window for too long, and so on.

For that, you must know how to take care of car air conditioners so that your trip is more comfortable, here are some tips:


Close the Car Window:

When the air conditioner or car cooling system is turned on, be sure to close the car windows so that dust and air pollution do not easily enter. In addition, opening the car window for too long also causes the performance of the car's AC cooling engine to decrease.


Don't Smoke in the Car:

The way the car cooling system works is by absorbing hot temperatures and blowing cold temperatures back into the car. As much as possible avoid smoking so that later your car's cooling system is not easily damaged.


Warm up the AC Machine Regularly:

When the air conditioner is rarely used, the engine will not last long. For this reason, you are asked to take the time to heat the AC machine regularly. Or use the engine even briefly when driving by car.


Clean the Car Cabin

Maintaining the condition of the car's air conditioner can also be done by cleaning the car cabin every day. So that there is no dirt that can hinder the performance of your car's cooling system.

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