Mar 20 2021

Protect Your Vehicle with a Removable Shelter


Here's how to find a carport that will keep your vehicle out of the rain or sun.

When you don't have a garage or carport, a demountable carport is a great alternative to protect your car from the elements. Some types of shelter can also be used as an awning to provide shade during picnics and outdoor family events.


Types of Removable Shelters:

  1. Awning: This basic car shelter protects automobiles, boats, and outdoor equipment from the sun. The awning has a roof, but no walls. It can protect from the sun during outdoor events. The awning sets up quickly, but offers less protection than other shelters, especially against the wind.
  2. Retractable Shelter: This shelter is the easiest to set up and protects against occasional rain and sun. Like the awning, it usually has no walls and therefore does not provide protection against wind or rain. The retractable shelter is compact and easy to transport.
  3. Shed: smaller than other removable shelters, the shed is ideal for sports vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles and even your riding mower. This semi-permanent structure offers more protection against wind, rain and sun.
  4. Removable Garage: the removable garage is the most structured shelter available on the market. It offers more protection against inclement weather such as driving rain and heavy snowfall. It is usually large enough to house a single large vehicle such as a truck or boat.
  5. Storage Shelter: If you need to protect multiple vehicles, farm equipment, or other large items in one location, the Storage Shelter is often the most spacious option for semi-permanent use.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Demountable Shelter:

  1. Roof: The roof of a shelter can be water repellent or resist sunlight. However, it does not necessarily have these two qualities. Consider the climatic conditions of the place where you will be using the shelter and choose a roof that will withstand the elements.
  2. Frame: The frame is usually made of plastic or metal. It is either folding or fixed. A fixed metal frame with additional reinforcements is a better choice if you live in an area with frequent bad weather. Choose a stainless steel frame that will not rust. The folding plastic or fiberglass frame, similar to that of a traditional camping tent, is the most portable and lightest but is also more fragile.
  3. Anchor Kits: Most demountable shelters come with anchor kits to secure them to the ground. If your shelter is permanent or semi-permanent, make sure the anchors are sturdy enough to keep your shelter in place.
  4. Storage: the shelter must be able to accommodate your vehicles. So carefully measure all the items you intend to store in your shelter and allow for maneuvering space.
  5. Location: Measure where you intend to place your shelter before purchasing it to ensure a proper fit.

Demountable shelters are an affordable alternative to building a garage or permanent shed. Whether it is to organize a reception or to store a tractor, there is a temporary shelter adapted to your needs.


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