Nov 06 2020

Prevent Icy Car Problems in Winter


If you live in an area with a cold winter climate, knowing how to avoid the problems associated with your car is important. Equally important is knowing how to prevent such situations from happening. The tips below should help you do that.


Use Oil to Keep Doors from Jamming:

Prevent car and trunk doors from freezing in winter by spraying or wiping rubber seals with a coat of multi-purpose commercial lubricant or vegetable oil.

  1. The oil will create a waterproofing against the water which could later freeze. The seals will not be damaged.


Stick the Tape on the Locks When Washing the Car:

Stick a strip of duct tape on your car door locks before having it washed in cold weather.

  1. This will prevent water infiltration which could subsequently freeze and render the locks unusable.
  2. Once out of the car wash, remove the tape.


Prevent Windshield Wipers from Freezing:

To prevent ice build-up on the wiper blades and interfere with their operation, wipe each blade with a soft cloth moistened with undiluted isopropyl alcohol.


Rub the Windshield with Raw Onion:

No one likes to scratch the windshield on a frosty morning.

  1. To avoid this tedious job, cut an onion in half and rub the cut sides on the windshield and car windows before a freezing night to prevent frost from forming.


Protect your Windshield with Rubber Bath Mats:

To keep your windshield from freezing at night, place inexpensive bath mats on the glass. Hold them in place with the wipers.


Put a Bag on the Side Mirrors:

On a cold night, slip plastic bags over your side mirrors and hold them in place with clothespins.

  1. In the morning, remove the bags. You will find your mirrors frost-free.


Stay Calm:

Winter driving can be frustrating, not to say dangerous, when the inside of your windshield is constantly misting up.

Here are three ways to deal with fogged glass:

  1. Clean the inside of the windshield with a clean chalkboard brush.
  2. Apply a little shampoo to a cloth before wiping the glass.
  3. Use "outside air" instead of "recirculated air" and activate the defroster.

The next time everyone else is struggling with icing, you can get behind the wheel with a smile with these prevention tips.

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