Nov 12 2021

Myth or Fact, Car Tires Suddenly Flat Because the Car is Rarely Used


Car maintenance needs to be done to keep it optimal, this time we will provide information about the unique symptoms in cars that occur due to being left idle for too long.


A Flat Tire When Parked for Too Long is Normal:

Have you ever had your car tire deflate by itself when parked in your car garage or home parking lot for a long time (more than 1 week)? Well, that's a natural thing, friend, because the temperature drop varies between air temperature, ground surface and tire pressure. In Gay-Lussac's law it is stated that "In a closed space and the volume is kept constant, the pressure of the gas will be proportional to the temperature of the gas". Well, based on these laws, we can imagine, at a high temperature will cause the pressure will also be higher. An example is like we leave a gas balloon at a high temperature (in the sun), over time the balloon will burst due to an increase in pressure inside the balloon. On the other hand, when the temperature is low, the pressure will automatically decrease. That's what happens to car tires, when the temperature is cold there is a decrease in temperature, causing the pressure on the tire to decrease and the tire to go flat. In addition, tires can also go flat due to shrinkage. Car tires are made of rubber material where the rubber can shrink at cold temperatures. When the rubber of a car tire shrinks, an empty space is formed between the tire and the rim so that the air in the tire escapes by itself. So don't be surprised, friend, but remember that the air in the tires will come out until the car tires go flat for a long time, provided the car has never been used.


A Flat Car Tire, Check the Following:

Then, what if in just a short period of time your car tire goes flat? Here are the possible causes of a flat tire in a short time.


Car Tire Vent Damage:

Usually caused by a gap that is loose enough for air to escape in a damaged tire valve. Damage from these valves is usually caused by age, such as rust. Another possibility is from the rubber that becomes the seal between the valve and the rim. If it's too long, it will become brittle and become a wind escape route.


Missing Car Tire Vent Cap:

If the valve is not closed, don't be surprised if the air pressure suddenly decreases even though the tires are still in good condition. We never know what hit the valve when the car is running. That's why the valve cap is important, as well as to prevent dirt from entering the valve.


Car Tire Rim Condition:

Look in detail, whether there are peyang or other disturbances in the rim. Especially in areas that are directly related to tires. It's a bit difficult to check if the rims are flat on the inside. What if after checking it turns out that the rims are still fairly good? Try taking it to a repair shop to do a rim inspection, who knows there is a small crack on the inside of the rim.


Patches on Car Tires Are Not Perfect:

Have you ever experienced a punctured tire due to a nail or other sharp object that required patching the tire? If when patching the mechanic works neatly and thoroughly, of course, the patch will last a long time. But if you don't do it carefully, it could be a tire leak again causing a flat car tire.


Cracks in the Walls and Treads of Car Tires:

Have you ever seen an expired car tire with rubber marks on the walls and many cracks in the tire tread. Cracks will make the air in the car tires out because the tire walls are not able to withstand the air pressure in the car tires. Therefore, always check the tires and take care of your car tires


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