Apr 10 2021

How to Remove Dog Hair from Car Fabrics


Whether you have an SUV with a reserved area in the back for your dog or just have cloth seats, if your dog got into the car, they left you with some hairs as a souvenir. Here are some tips that will help you remove dog hair from your vehicle.


The Automotive Aesthetic Professional:

  1. Its intervention is the solution which involves the least work for you, but which will also be the most expensive.
  2. Auto detailing professionals will spend hours peeling your car to get rid of dog hair and charge you a substantial amount for their labor.
  3. In fact, most auto detailing professionals add additional fees for picking up pet hair.

If you are selling your car, the investment may be justified.


Do it Yourself:

This is the most economical solution, but it is tedious.

  1. With a powerful shop vacuum or the vacuum cleaner from a gas station, clean out the largest clumps of hair. There is no vacuum cleaner that picks up absolutely all of the dog hair on fabrics yet, but at least you will be able to pick up the top layer.
  2. In a spray bottle, mix 3 teaspoons of fabric softener with a cup of water. Spray on the area covered with hair. Fabric softener will loosen the hairs a little. It will be easier to wipe them off.
  3. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and wipe off the hairs by hand.
  4. Start with one area and rub in the same direction until the hairs start to form a ball. The vacuum cleaner will get rid of those hairballs. It takes time, but thanks to the magic of static electricity, rubber gloves really lift small hairs.
  5. If stubborn hairs are still left in the fabric after vacuuming, brush the entire area with the adhesive fabric brush.
  6. You can also wrap your hand in duct tape, the sticky side out, to make a homemade sticky brush.
  7. Here's an unusual tip: Take some Velcro styling rollers and run them over the fabrics to pick up the rest of the hair.


Car Seat Covers for Dogs:

To make sure that the result of your hard work won't be instantly lost as soon as your beloved dog jumps into the vehicle, head to the pet store and get car seat covers designed for dogs. The car interior will never be spotless, but there will be a lot less hair to pick up.

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