Aug 21 2021

How to Care for a Diesel Engine Car


Lately, diesel car engines have come back to the surface. If previously diesel engines were widely used by large cars such as trucks, buses, and so on, now several private cars have started to use this engine. Plus, after the emergence of modern technology such as common rail direct injection technology which makes the combustion system in diesel engines much more efficient. The emergence of this modern technology not only has an impact on the performance of diesel engines but also on how to maintain diesel cars.

Just like cars with other engines, diesel cars also require maintenance to stay durable. For owners of cars with diesel engines, here are some ways to keep their diesel cars at their best:


1. Heating the Car Engine:

Unlike cars with gasoline, diesel cars do not have a spark plug component. Therefore, diesel cars need a longer time to reach the right temperature and pressure for the engine to work optimally. For this reason, before using a diesel car, it should be preheated for four to five minutes. Even though there is now the latest sophisticated technology, heating the car before use is never a disadvantage.


2. Regularly Change Oil:

Every car, whatever the type, definitely needs to change the oil regularly. This also applies to diesel cars. Changing your car's oil regularly can help your engine last longer. In addition to changing the oil regularly, the quality of the oil also needs to be considered. Do not be tempted by cheap frills oil. Choose a quality oil and in accordance with the car engine.


3. Using the Right Fuel:

To keep the engine from breaking down quickly, the car must be filled with the appropriate fuel. Cars with diesel engines themselves need diesel as fuel. It's just that, because diesel engine technology has improved, the diesel needed must also be of high-quality diesel. It would be better if diesel car users refuel according to the car manufacturer's recommendations. That way, the car engine was awake.


4. Water Sedimentary:

Diesel fuel usually contains very little water, therefore every diesel car has a fuel filter to separate water and fuel. This filter must be replaced periodically so that the engine is not damaged. In modern diesel cars themselves, there is a device called a water sedimenter. This tool helps identify how much water is in the fuel. If the indicator is on, then the car user must throw water in the water sedmineter because it has reached the maximum number. Just like other cars, diesel cars also require maintenance so that the car engine is always in perfect condition. Not only that, good diesel car maintenance can also make the car more comfortable to drive. Therefore, diesel cars need to be treated with love.

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