Nov 19 2021

For Optimal Car Engine Performance,Check Condition of Car Spark Plugs


The engine is the main component in a car that has become an obligation for car owners to always maintain engine performance. To improve the performance of a car engine, several stages start from light engine maintenance to fairly heavy engine maintenance. By doing engine maintenance, it is certain that the engine performance will always be maintained and have a long life. If you may know, have you ever felt that the performance of your car engine feels odd? Maybe sluggish engine performance, or extravagant fuel consumption than usual? Many factors can cause engine performance to decline, here are some tricks you can apply to improve car engine performance.


The Spark Plug Electrode is Solid Black:

A solid black color at the spark plug electrode indicates an excess of fuel, so this can mean that the gasoline mixture is more wasteful or richer, so that the combustion is less efficient. In this kind of combustion, the exhaust smoke usually smells like gasoline and sometimes emits black smoke. Indeed, this makes the engine more powerful, but the effect is that the spark plugs die quickly, consume more fuel, and accelerate heavier.


Spark Plug Electrodes Are White:

The white color of the spark plug electrode indicates a fuel mixture that is lean or less than normal. This condition indicates that less gasoline enters the combustion chamber than normal. As a result, the engine will be more difficult to start and the engine will easily turn itself off. When you see a whiter spark plug, it could be because there is a blockage in the fuel hose. Could be from the fuel pump, or from the injectors. So the way you can take, is to flush the injection system. Don't forget to use gasoline with the right octane for the vehicle's compression pressure, because the type of gasoline used also affects engine combustion.


Engine Combustion Chamber Optimization:

There are many ways to optimize the engine combustion chamber to improve car engine performance. If you still use the carburetor, we can adjust the air and gasoline mixture, aka reset. But when it comes to injection, it seems difficult unless you want to remap the ECU on the injection system. However, the injection system has been made by default to achieve perfect combustion to improve the car's optimal engine performance.


Choosing the Right Spark Plug:

As you already know, spark plugs are one of the vital components in a car's ignition system. Without the spark plug, the spark jumps between the spark plug electrodes to burn the fuel will not occur and the car will not be able to function normally. There are so many types of spark plugs that you can get at the accessory shop or workshop that you usually visit. But did you know that all available spark plugs have different functions. Not all types of spark plugs are suitable for use in the car you have. So that you don't choose the wrong type of spark plug and cause the car's engine performance to decrease, let's look at the different types of spark plugs and their functions below.


Standard Car Spark Plug:

Standard spark plugs are usually spark plugs recommended by a particular car manufacturer. This spark plug is basically an option that is used for everyday car needs. The advantage of standard car spark plugs is that these spark plugs have a relatively longer life and are able to produce a more stable engine stationary. Standard spark plugs will also be more optimal if used for low and medium engine speed.


Platinum Car Spark Plug:

Spark plugs with platinum material can also be called semi racing spark plugs. Why is that? Because the tip of this spark plug electrode is designed to be slightly sharper than standard spark plugs. This type of spark plug is not much different from the use of standard spark plugs, the significant difference lies in the slightly more responsive power at lower engine speed. For the duration of use, spark plugs with platinum material are relatively short compared to standard spark plugs.


Iridium Car Spark Plug:

This spark plug is included in the cold type spark plug, it can be said that this spark plug is a racing spark plug that is used for certain needs. This type of spark plug is capable of producing aggressive and high engine acceleration. The towing of the vehicle also feels long so that top speed is easier to get. However, this spark plug also has a weakness if used for daily use. Stationary engine will be a little unstable, if used in a standard engine with a low compression level this spark plug will not have the resistance of platinum and standard spark plugs.

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