Nov 24 2021

For Manual Car Users, Please Don't Do This


Many motorists still choose manual cars as their daily vehicles. Although the process of learning to drive tends to be more difficult, the cost of maintaining this one car is relatively cheaper, so it is the main reason for choosing it.However, not a few drivers are actually wrong when operating a manual car. There are a lot of manual transmission car users who have the wrong perception with various actions that have been considered right, even though they are clearly wrong and should be avoided. Many things are actually trivial for a manual car, but can actually become a serious problem. For manual car drivers don't do this:


1. Start the Engine Not In Neutral Gear Position:

One of the things that is often forgotten by manual transmission car drivers is not paying attention to the position of the gear but instead turning off the engine. Therefore, when starting the car, make sure you have checked whether the gear position is neutral. If not, of course, triggering danger for those of you behind the wheel. Especially if you start the car engine without stepping on the clutch pedal.


2. Beginnings in Second Gear Position:

For those of you who are still often  starting the  engine in second gear, you should change this habit. The reason, this action will make the load of the car feel heavier. Of course, it will feel much different from the position of first gear because it does not burden the car engine. You need to know, each gear on a manual transmission car has its own role. Basically, a speed of 0 to 10 km/h should go in first gear and 10 to 35 km/h in second gear. If you go straight into second gear, then you skip the stages so you risk damaging the car engine.


3. Remove the Clutch While Stepping on the Pedal:

Most modern cars have carried injection technology instead of carburetors. That way, the most appropriate way to  start  is to release the clutch pedal slowly without having to step on the gas. If you step on the gas pedal first, then releasing the clutch will actually cause the use of fuel to be more wasteful. Not a few people think to step on the gas pedal first and then release the clutch. In fact, that method is for carbureted cars which not only triggers waste of gasoline, but also prodo the vehicle clutch.


4. Hand Position on the Shift Lever:

It seems, almost all car drivers with manual transmissions have a habit of putting their hands on the gear lever. In fact, this habit triggers damage to the car's gear lever. Resting your hand on the gear lever of a manual car can put you at risk of pressing the gears so that the transmission parts are damaged.


5. Step on the Clutch To Stop the Vehicle Speed:

Apparently, there are still many people who have the wrong technique when it comes to braking high-speed vehicles. Manual car drivers will step on the clutch pedal first rather than the brake pedal. Know, this kind of thing can actually cause the condition of the car to lose. The most correct way to stop a vehicle at a speed of more than 10 km/hour is to step on the brake pedal first and avoid stepping on the clutch fully until the speed is actually less than 10 km/hour.


6. Standby Foot on Clutch Pedal:

Even though the clutch pedal is stepped on with a certain pause, it can still cause waste on the prodo section and trigger slippage when the vehicle is used on the highway. This action also triggers heat and burns, giving rise to an odor. For this reason, manual car drivers are strongly advised to put their feet on the floor of the car instead of on the clutch pedal.


7. Shift Non-Neutral Gear When Congested:

The next trivial but quite dangerous habit is shifting gears when the engine is roaring. The most appropriate way is to shift gears when the rpm has touched 3000. Never shift the gear of the car more than 3,000 rpm so as not to damage the performance of your favorite vehicle.


8. The Position of the Teeth is Not Neutral When Stuck:

It's a good idea when the car stops because of traffic lights, position the gear in neutral so you can rest for a while. If the gear position of the car is not neutral, there is a possibility that you forgot to step on the clutch pedal, causing danger.


9. Don't Use the Brake Machine:

Not a few manual car drivers think that neutral gear can save fuel when passing through derivatives. Even though this assumption is totally wrong because when the car's gear is neutral, it means that the car you are driving does not use the engine brake function. Supposedly, the downhill road must use the brakes or shift gear to position one so that the engine brake is active properly. If the gear is in the neutral position, then the car will slide down the road. Of course, this kind of condition is quite dangerous. Moreover, if you accidentally turn off the car engine, you risk making the brakes fail.


10. Slow Shift Gear Position When Uphill:

Never be late to shift the car's gear position when going uphill because it is also very risky. The car can suddenly reverse or the engine suddenly dies. On the other hand, shifting gears too quickly can cause the engine to roar and damage the gearbox.

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