Oct 28 2021

Don't Take Car AC Maintenance Lightly, Here's The Reason


Did you know that apart from the car engine, another car component that must be considered is the air quality in the air conditioner (AC)? The reason is, AC has become a complementary feature that must be in every car. Riders don't need to open the window to enjoy the fresh air, just turn on the air conditioner and don't need to be afraid of being contaminated with bacteria and viruses outside. For your knowledge, the components in the air conditioner consist of a compressor, evaporator, dryer, expansion valve, condenser, air filter, and fan motor. Well, from the cooperation of all the components it will produce a cold air conditioner. So is it important to take care of the car air conditioner?

The answer, of course, is important and must be serviced when it's time, especially if the car air conditioner doesn't feel cold. Generally, car air conditioning maintenance is carried out once a year, when the car's kilometers reach 5 thousand to 10 thousand kilometers.


Common Damage to AC

Here are some of the damage to the AC that the garage summarizes and is usually a common problem for car drivers.


Freon Runs Out:

The freon depletion is caused by a leak in the system because the rubber components are old or something is wrong with the compressor. So, even though the air conditioner is still on normally if there is no freon, the air will not be cold. Even the hot air will be felt. The characteristic of running out of freon is usually marked by an AC fan that does not rotate.  In this case, don't wait for the AC to stop cooling before servicing the AC because if left unchecked it will aggravate the damage to the car AC


AC Filter Clogged:

There is a blockage in the car air conditioner filter which should function to filter fine dust in the air, so that no air comes out of the blower. If that's the case, not only will the air conditioner not be cold, but also the air circulation will not run optimally because of the large amount of dirt buried in the filter.


Dirty Condenser:

In addition to a dirty AC filter, the condenser on the car air conditioner can also be dirty. A dirty condenser will not be able to dissipate the heat generated from the AC engine, again it also has an impact on the AC working system. From the problems above, still never wait for the AC to stop working and then fix it. Why is that? There is a component called refrigerant in a car air conditioner that works the same way as engine oil. Well, the refrigerant functions as a coolant and lubricant for the compressor by bringing oil into it. When the refrigerant runs out, of course the amount of oil carried by the compressor is reduced and hampered, causing the amount of heat to also decrease. If left unchecked, not only the performance of the AC will not work for a long time but also the maintenance costs will skyrocket.


Independent Car AC Maintenance

Actually, You can also do AC maintenance to keep it cool and perform optimally

First, so that the AC filter does not work too hard, make sure the corners of the car, starting from the seats, carpets, and other items are clean, in the sense that they are not too dusty. The reason is, if the items are dusty, then the AC filter will do its part to clean the dust. So, make sure when washing the car, the inside is also cleaned.

Second, when you wash the car, don't forget to spray hard water on the AC condenser. If you are confused, the shape of the AC condenser is almost similar to the radiator and is located in front of the radiator. This spraying aims so that dirt or dust that sticks will not harden. When it hardens, this dirt and dust causes corrosion or porous so that there is a leak in the condenser.

Third, because most of the seasons in Indonesia are summer, make sure to park your car in a cool place. Isn't there an air conditioner that will cool the temperature in the car? It is true, but still, the hot air outside will absorb into the car and it causes cooling longer because the air conditioner must be able to 'eat' the hot air carried into the car.

Finally, always do routine AC maintenance to check all AC components. Well, sometimes we are confused about how to check whether the AC is still functioning properly or it's time to have it serviced. What's more, if you do the service yourself, you are afraid of making mistakes and causing other damage.

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