Nov 05 2021

Don't Open the Radiator Cap When It's Hot


There is one wrong habit that often occurs when driving long distances, namely opening the radiator cap when the engine is hot. As a result, the cover can bounce, then the hot radiator fluid also gushes out until it has the potential to injure. Sounds trivial, but it is very important to note. That's what happens when you open and close the radiator. If this is done often, it will not only hurt but can also damage the springs and valves that are inside the radiator cap. Meanwhile, the bad result of a damaged radiator cap is overheating, which is the engine's hot temperature is above normal. The effect can go directly to the engine, where your car engine will sound strange, lack power, waste fuel, even break down in the middle of the road.

There are two valves on the radiator, namely the pressure valve and the vacuum valve. These two valves alternately expel and suck so that water circulates from the reservoir tank (reserve tank) to the radiator. Well, these two valves on the radiator are most likely to be damaged if the radiator is often opened. Because of the damage, the water circulation then becomes not good. What's worse, over time the volume of radiator water decreases because it spills out through the reservoir tank. Lack of water is what then triggers overheating. Overheat conditions in a car occur when the engine temperature exceeds the tolerable limit. There are many factors, such as driving too long or the cooling system of the car that has been damaged. When the needle on the temperature indicator is approaching red, it is highly recommended that the car stop for cooling. However, for handling, don't open the radiator cover, because it's useless. When the engine is hot, the pressure in the radiator is high. When the cover is opened, the pressure pushes the liquid out quickly and is very likely to harm you. To avoid unwanted things, you can do this.


How to Open the Radiator Cap When the Engine is Hot:

You need to be careful if you are forced to open the radiator cover when the engine is hot or even overheated because of the high pressure in the radiator due to heat. How to open the radiator cap when the engine is hot or overheated, the principle is the same as when the engine is cold, but we need to use a thick and wide enough cloth to avoid hot water gushing from the radiator.

  1. Put a thick and wide wet washcloth over the radiator cap
  2. Make sure your hands in a safe and comfortable position can turn the radiator cap and hold it when the radiator water pressure starts to come out
  3. Turn the radiator cap slightly counterclockwise or turn it less than 45 degrees.
  4. Listen for a hissing sound from the radiator cap, if you hear a hissing sound, make sure to hold it firmly in that position until the hissing sound goes away.
  5. If the hissing sound is gone, turn the radiator cap again slowly until the radiator cap comes off easily.

It should be noted, friends, never add radiator water when the engine is still hot due to the radiator water running out, hot steam will gush out as soon as cold water is entered into the radiator when the engine is overheated. It's better to wait for the engine to cool, so you just pull over and turn off the engine for cooling

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