Sep 30 2021

Beware of Blown Tires When It Rains, Here Are Tips


You need extra care for your car to make it more comfortable when you carry it around on activities or on family vacations. Using a private car is the main choice for most people during the rainy season. Moreover, your car can reduce direct contact with other people during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Driving your own car is comfortable but that doesn't mean it doesn't have risks. There are many accidents that occur, one of which is due to a broken car tire. When we don't know how to deal with blown car tires, it can even lead to worse things. Several accidents due to burst car tires even claimed lives.

There are many reasons why the tires of the cars we drive can suddenly burst. We also have to know about this so that it can reduce the risk of a car tire bursting while on the road. The cause of a broken car tire, could be because we pass through damaged and potholed roads too often.  Repeated hard collisions can cause the knitted steel wire to break and can damage the car's suspension. Furthermore, the thing that can make a car tire burst is the wrong choice of tires. So before knowing how to deal with a broken car tire better, make sure first the right tire choice according to the road terrain. Tires that have expired can also be one of the causes of broken car tires. Even the presence of gravel stuck to the tire tread and the wrong size of the rim should also be a concern so that the car tire does not burst. You as a driver must know the steps to take when a tire burst occurs:


Do Not Panic:

Panic will only make your mind unclear and interfere with decision making. Also applies when you are in this incident. The key to a broken car tire is not to panic, so you can control the situation.


Don't Brake Suddenly:

The way to deal with a burst car tire while driving is not to brake suddenly. This will make the car even out of control and you will find it difficult to predict the direction of the car's movement.  The worst thing if you apply sudden braking is that the car can bounce and flip over. So stay relaxed and don't apply sudden braking.


Hold Steering Straight Direction:

The next way to deal with a broken car tire is to feel the broken tire and maintain a straight steering direction. Because usually the steering wheel will always be in the direction of a broken tire, this must be held as strong as possible. Try not to do excessive maneuvers especially in the opposite direction. If the rear tire bursts, it is relatively controllable because the front tire has no problem.


Don't Step on the Clutch Pedal: 

It's possible that when something surprising happens like this, you will immediately step on the pedal, be it brake, gas, or clutch. But when the tire bursts, avoid stepping on the clutch pedal because this can make the car go too fast without being able to control it. This is because the engine rotation load can not withstand it.


Don't Neutralize Gears:

The way to deal with a broken car tire while driving is not to neutralize the gear position. This will make the car go faster. But if the car is not going too fast and you can control it, including reducing the gear position to reduce speed.


Release the Gas Pedal:

The next step in dealing with a broken car tire is to release the gas pedal so that the speed drops by itself. Point the car to the left of the road if the speed starts to drop and don't forget to turn on the turn signal. We also have to keep monitoring the condition of the back of the car through the rearview mirror. You can press the brake pedal slowly if when the car is in the left lane and the speed decreases a lot. If the front is safe, you can also allow the car to stop by itself on the side of the road.


Install Safety Triangle:

The last way to deal with a broken car tire is when the car has stopped, immediately install a safety triangle and hazard lights to signal your car to stop. It also prevents the car from being hit from behind. If it is safe, replace the car tire with a spare tire. You can drive again when the spare tire is installed and make sure the condition of the car is also safe without any other damage. Tires are indeed an important part of a car that needs special attention. The reason is, tires are the only feature of a vehicle that is in direct contact with road conditions.

Here are some ways to care for tires to keep them in good condition so that the car is safe and comfortable to drive:


Keep the air pressure:

Maintain proper air pressure in tires. Lack of air pressure results in wear and tear on the outer edge of the tread (or shoulder). In addition, it can also generate excessive heat which reduces the durability of the tire. Meanwhile, excess air pressure can cause uneven weight distribution in the vehicle, causing faster damage and uneven wear, as well as shortening tire life.



Do balancing and alignment, because the condition of tires that are balanced and in harmony with the vehicle can extend the life of the tires.


Periodic Inspection:

Inspect the tread of the tire with your naked eye, there may be sharp objects that may have punctured the tire or sharp gravel stuck in the tire tread.


Make Repairs:

Perform repairs in person, it is very important to know when tires need to be repaired and replaced. If a tire loses air pressure it must be removed from the wheel for a complete internal inspection to ensure that the tire is not damaged.


Buy quality Tires:

Buy tires with good quality. Make sure to choose tires that suit your needs.


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