Nov 02 2021

5 Tips for Caring for Cars During the Rainy Season


The rainy season has arrived. This season is arguably the enemy for people who often use cars. for example, when it comes to work, if it rains a little, the roads will be heavily congested. Not to mention the presence of puddles and flooding. Not only that, when it rains, like it or not, car owners must be more diligent in caring for and washing their vehicles. Because if not, rainwater stuck to the car has the potential to make the car paint dull faster and the car to rust more easily.


Regular Car Wash:

Washing the car especially in the rainy season is a wasted job. But, keep in mind, rain water that contains salt actually has the potential to damage car paint. Crust and dirt from the rain that sticks to the car body will also accumulate. If it is severe, it will be more difficult to clean, it can even cause the body to rust. So, the car should be washed more often. Do it at least twice a week to wash the car. You can do it yourself by using a car wash shampoo that has a pH level close to 7 (pH balance). It is more expensive, but choosing the right car shampoo can protect the car paint and make it more shiny.


Car Body Polish:

Polishing the car body is basically a method of protecting against paint. The polishing process removes stubborn stains and dirt from the surface layer of car paint, then increases the gloss, and provides protection against the paint from environmental influences. If you carry out the car polishing process, you are actually indirectly creating a 'protective fort' that allows dust or dirt stains from rain to stick to the body. If before polishing the condition of the body has been contaminated by stains, then with car polish the stains can be removed and cleaned.


Car Glass Polish:

The windshield area plays a very crucial role in terms of visibility when driving. If the water is not washed away by the wiper for too long, it will interfere with the view. Therefore, the maintenance of the car glass area also cannot be careless. Several ways can be done, such as regularly changing the wipers every 6 to 12 months, or using rain repellent products. Rain repellent itself basically provides a special coating on the windshield. The effect is that apart from making the windshield free from mold, rainwater that falls on the glass surface is easier to wipe off by the wiper, and can slide by itself like drops of water that fall on taro leaves.


Check the Condition of the Wipers and Washers:

The job of the wiper is to remove the bulk of water on the windshield, while the washer will spray washer fluid onto the windshield. When it rains, wipers and washers are important car components. For that, keep the wiper and washer functioning perfectly by taking proper care. On average, wiper rubber can last 6 months. Check the wiper rubber periodically, whether it can still function optimally. If the rubber is thin and brittle, it is better to replace it immediately, because it will interfere with its task of removing water that blocks the driver's view. Likewise with washers. Fill the car washer reservoir (WR) with water that has been mixed with a special wiper fluid so that the driver can spray it when the windshield is exposed to dirt. Keep in mind, get used to spraying water first using a washer, before sweeping the glass with a wiper. This is because the sprayed water functions to wash away dirt so that the glass is not scratched.


Check the Legs:

Cars that are used to support daily activities during the rainy season will certainly hit a wet field with puddles of water, even muddy. For example, the suspension section, if left unchecked, its performance may not be perfect anymore and make noises or even loud. While the legs that support the car body are also very vulnerable to these conditions. As much as possible, the remaining dirt on the legs of the car can be cleaned immediately, so as not to cause damage. It is highly recommended to rinse the car legs using high pressure water after use when it rains. To be cleaner, also use soap or car shampoo. Don't forget to clean the chassis and car tires as well.

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