Mar 10 2020

5 Symptoms of Unbalanced Tires on Your Car


New tires are perfectly symmetrical with no faults and which leads to a comfortable ride. But the truth is that no tires are good when driving at very high speeds, even tiny faults feel like bigger defects. That’s why balanced tires are very necessary for a comfortable ride. Tires are balanced when the weight is distributed all around the tires. It is important to have well-balanced tires for the best performance and safety.


5 Symptoms of Tires Out of Balance:


(1) Vibrations:

The first symptoms of unbalanced tires are the feeling of vibrations in the steering wheel. Even half an ounce of difference is enough to cause a noticeable vibration. When the tires are worn out it increases the vibration and affects the whole cabin of your vehicle. Other issues like a damaged tire or other problems in wheel assembly also cause vibration. It is recommended to diagnose the problem quickly to avoid any serious accidents.


(2) Steering Problems:

Asymmetrical tire creates an uncomfortable driving experience, making difficulty in steering and delay in response to time in the steering wheel. When the tires are worn out, you will not be able to steer smoothly in any required direction moreover difficulty in steering increase the risk of the accidents.


(3) Uneven Tire Wear:

It is very important to inspect the tire thread regularly; as they can indicate how good your tires are balanced. Uneven tires increased the risk of having flat tires, at that point the tires become thin and it leads to the point of spontaneous rupture which is very dangerous if this happens when you are driving at high speed.


(4) Bad Fuel Economy:

Uneven tires put more stress on the engine of your vehicle due to the resistance created by imbalanced forces, makes the engine to work harder to keep the vehicle in motion. Due to this issue engine requires more fuel to maintain its normal functioning under these conditions. When your vehicle consumes fuel faster than usual, Check the tire pressure. Under inflated tires also cause the engine to consume more fuel than normal condition however if the pressure of the tire is normal then the tire may be unbalanced.


(5) Bad Shocks and Bearings:

When the tires are not balanced it put great stress on the shock bearings and other components of the wheel assembly so they experience more wear and tear than normal. If the unbalanced tires are not fixed timely, you will be replacing more than just tires and cost you a lot of money.

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