Jun 18 2021

What to Do When Your Car Window is Smashed?


Is your car window smashed, cracked or just plain shattered? Here are some tips on how to fix it quickly and well. It is not possible! You are enraged. You approach your car and you see shards of glass all around. Burglars smashed your car window to steal your stereo. Second scenario, a tiny crack in the windshield - which you failed to repair - has grown so much that you have no choice but to replace it. Either way, a broken glass surface needs to be repaired. These few tips will guide you.


1. Contact your Insurance Company:

Insurance coverage varies from province to province. This is why you must contact the company with which you take out comprehensive insurance. The latter covers the loss of your vehicle or damage caused by fire, theft, weather conditions, mischief, natural disasters or vandalism. This warranty does not include loss in the event of collision or upset. In general, a deductible applies.


2. How Much Does A New Window Cost?

This is where you decide whether to pay the excess or just pay the window out of pocket. Usually, the cost of replacing an entire windshield is significantly more than the deductible (between $ 100 and $ 500). In this case, go through your insurer. Remember to ask if this will increase your premiums. Let's say one of the side windows needs to be replaced, your deductible is $ 300, and the window costs around $ 300. It would be wise not to involve your insurance company and deal with this problem yourself. The first time you replace a window should have no effect on your insurance premiums. But if you make three or more requests in three years, your premium may increase upon renewal. Talk to your broker to choose the best coverage.


3. Find a Respectable Repair Shop:

You need to go to an expert to make sure your window or windshield is properly repaired. Ask your usual mechanic to recommend a workshop. Ask your friends the same. Call your car dealership to find out what they can do for you. Consult with the Better Business Bureau if you have been given a quote that is too good to be true; the workshop may be using poor quality products. Ask how long will the repair take. Don't trust someone who tells you that you will be able to drive your car within three hours of installation.

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