Apr 17 2021

What Tire Size is Right for My Vehicle?


All ordinary tires, at first glance, may appear the same. However, their size differs depending on the type of vehicle.


Vehicle Type and Tire Size:

The tire size of your vehicle depends on its model. In fact, each car is different, the tires that will maximize its performance are not the same from one model to another.

Some larger vehicles have larger tires. For example, a pickup-type vehicle might have tires 275 millimeters wide, while a regular four-door car might have tires 215 millimeters wide.

However, tire size does not just depend on the size of the vehicle. Several aesthetic reasons now lead automobile companies to opt for larger tires.


Small or Large Tires?

The size of your tires influences the appearance of your car, but also its performance in several ways.

First, be aware that smaller tires offer a quieter ride and better resistance to road obstacles, such as potholes. In addition, hydroplaning is less risky when the tires are smaller, since the vehicle's weight is distributed over smaller contact areas.

Larger tires, on the other hand, provide better performance when braking and cornering. However, they tend to wear out faster and are heavier.

Note that the tire size is listed on the outer side of the tire itself. A series of letters and numbers, the size of the tire can be difficult to decipher. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult an expert in order to correctly interpret what you read on the tire in question.


What To Remember

If your car does not have four identical tires, check their compatibility. Certain tire models, due to their size, could, once installed on the same car, affect its performance. Seek expert advice before changing a tire.

On the other hand, the price of tires varies according to their size. For example, in general, smaller tires will be less expensive than larger tires.

Finally, if you want to change rims, whether regular or unique, check that their size matches the size of the tire. Many manufacturers or businesses that sell auto parts offer equivalency charts to help you choose an appropriate rim model.

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