Jan 28 2021

The Basics of Repairing a Flat Tire


If repairing a flat tire yourself scares some at first glance, know that it is a relatively easy operation when you know how to go about it. Here are some tips we offer you.


Do not Ride on a Flat Tire:

If there is a golden rule to follow, it is never to drive on a flat tire. However, many drivers continue their journey being perfectly aware that they have a puncture - sometimes even for several kilometers!

  1. If this is your case, know that this decision could cost you dearly: you risk turning what could be just a $ 25 repair into an expense of $ 400 or more.
  2. Indeed, driving on a flat tire can damage the rim of the wheel and force you to have to replace it.
  3. The tire can also be damaged beyond repair after driving with a puncture, even if only for a short distance.


Go to the Garage as Soon as Possible:

If you are on a relatively safe road, you can pull over on the shoulder and call a tow truck. If you are located near a repair shop, have your vehicle towed there.

  1. Repairing a flat tire, when the hole is in the tread, can be quick and easy. The patches ( patches ) used by professionals are generally of the best quality.
  2. If the damage is to the sidewall, if the puncture is deeper than a quarter of an inch, or if the tire is badly worn, it may need to be replaced.


Installing the Spare Wheel:

If you are far from a repair shop or from home, then you need to use the spare tire in the trunk. Changing the tire yourself will then allow you to drive to the garage in safety. Here are the main steps to change a tire.

  1. Park your vehicle in a safe place.
  2. Remove the jack and the spare tire from the vehicle. If you don't know where they are located, check your owner's manual.
  3. Roll the spare tire close to the tire to be changed.
  4. Unbolt the nuts on the wheel to be replaced, but do not remove them immediately.
  5. Raise the car by placing the jack under the flat part of the underside of the body, very close to the flat tire.
  6. Remove the nuts, keep them in a safe place, and then remove the tire.
  7. Install the spare tire, then hand tighten the nuts in a star pattern.
  8. Gently lower the car back to ground level and tighten the nuts firmly using a wrench.


In Summary

  1. Remember that the spare tire should only be used for short distances and that you should drive at low speed.
  2. Immediately go to a repair shop and have the flat tire repaired.

And that's how repairing a flat tire is child's play… well, almost!

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