Apr 03 2021

Straighten A Dented Body


After an accident, you want to know if the body of your poor battered car can be straightened out.

Your car's chassis may be salvageable, but you should let a professional bodybuilder take care of such a task. Indeed, it has the equipment and the training for it, not to mention the correct technical characteristics of this body. Think about the safety of your vehicle. This job is far too important to be left to a Sunday mechanic.


Safe, But Fragile:

Almost half of all traffic accidents involve some kind of damage to the car's interior frame. It is ironic that this high percentage is explained by the fact that cars are becoming safer.

Current cars have "crumple zones" which absorb a little shocks in the event of an accident and protect the passengers. Cars become safer, but the chassis is more susceptible to damage, which can cause significant and costly damage that you are not always immediately aware of.


Stay on the Right Path:

Body shops straighten damaged frames with specialized machines that use hydraulic power. These machines can push and pull the frame back to its original shape, depending on the extent of the damage and the type of frame.

The workshop will try to restore your car to the shape it had when it left the factory. To do this, he will sometimes employ advanced laser measurement systems so that all parts are properly aligned and formed (early in the process, ultrasound equipment will be used to diagnose the extent of the damage).


Welding of the Body:

In some cases, chassis straightening techniques are not sufficient. It is then possible to cut the bent parts of the frame and weld new metal parts.

But the danger is that if the weld is not done properly, it can significantly reduce the structural integrity of the metal at the weld lines. A single watchword to ensure your safety: call a professional welder.


Otherwise, Accept Your Fate:

Unfortunately, the body shop may advise you to send your car to the scrapyard, advising you that a repair would be too expensive or not solve anything. Damage to the chassis could cause chronic poor wheel alignment, in addition to structural faults. Your car may never hold the same on the road again.

In this case, put your vehicle in total loss. It remains to be hoped that the insurance will pay you compensation. At least enough to buy you a car ... with beautiful shapes!

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