Nov 10 2021

Replace Wiper Rubber No Need To Go To The Workshop, Here's How


Car wiper rubber should at least be replaced every year, the rubber that is located on the outside does have a service life of 1 year where if it is more than 1 year then the rubber becomes brittle or hardens. Wiper rubber that is brittle loses its elasticity will result in not maximal sweeping in wiping rainwater. Even worse, the hardened wiper rubber can scratch the car's windshield so that it interferes with the visibility and beauty of the car. Now, how do you change the car wiper rubber without having to go to a workshop, actually this is quite easy, you just need to buy a car wiper rubber, try to find the original one (at an official workshop) and of course don't get the wrong size. If you are forced to buy aftermarket wiper rubber, try to buy a wiper of the same size and bring an example of the wiper rubber that will be replaced.


The Stage of Replacing the Car Wiper Rubber

One of the signs of a car wiper rubber asking to be replaced is if after wiping it leaves dirt or water spots on the windshield, then another sign is that the wiper rubber squeaks when wiping, the water sweep is not perfect, the wiper rubber is cracked and the rubber hardens. Well, if there are these signs, even though it has not been 1 year, you should replace the car wiper rubber. Let's look at the steps to replace the car wiper rubber at home.


Car Wiper Lift:

When you want to change the car wiper at home, lift the wiper from the windshield and place a soft cloth/towel on the glass. The goal is to avoid scratches caused by falling objects when removing the car wipers.


Remove the Car Wiper Rubber:

After the car wiper lifts, remove the wiper rubber blade from the wiper housing. The proper way to remove the wiper rubber is to press the lock located in the center of the wiper stem and push it downwards to release the wiper from the handle. Do it slowly and carefully because if the handlebar of the car wiper is damaged, later your wiper will not work perfectly.


Install New Car Wiper Rubber:

After removing the car wiper, insert the new car wiper by pushing it upwards until you hear a 'click' sound which indicates that the car wiper is locked properly. Then you can put the car wiper back in its original position. How easy friend is not it? Remember, the most important thing is to make sure the new car wiper is the same size as the wiper you are replacing. Then, when and what are the characteristics of the car wiper rubber that need to be replaced? Let's see below.


Car wiper rubber that is Worn/Brittle:

If you find the condition of the car wiper rubber that is worn / brittle, you should replace it with a flexible rubber. Hardened rubber, in addition to causing uneven sweep of the water on the glass surface, also has the potential to cause scratches on the car glass. If that condition occurs, the cost of recovery is quite expensive, you know, friend. So it's better to prevent than cure isn't it.


Abnormal Car Wiper Movement:

The phenomenon of abnormal or slow movement of the wiper rubber is usually caused by dirty parts of the wiper drive system. This has an impact on the electric current and usually makes the wiper crank obstructed. The way to fix this is to clean the coil resistance. In addition, the reason the car wiper is slow is because there is something rusty on the wiper element. As a result, the performance is not optimal, the sweep slows down. The way to fix this, clean the crank from rust and spray the part with anti-rust liquid. If it is severe it must be welded or replaced.


Car Wiper Dynamo (wiper motor) Broken:

Like a dynamo in general, the damage that often occurs to a car wiper dynamo is also a burning coil problem. Usually caused by a short circuit in the car's electric current. If this is the case, the wiper of the car is declared completely damaged and must be replaced.

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