Jun 26 2021

Repairing Dents and Scratches on Cars


Scratches and dents on your car cause a cosmetic problem and can lead to more serious problems on the road. In most cases, there are easy ways to fix these issues.


Dent Removal:

If your car's body is dented, you might be able to straighten it out with a little suction.

  1. Walk around the house to find something to suck on, such as a suction cup.
  2. Place the suction cup directly on the bump and press directly to cause metal suction.
  3. Then pull out gently but firmly.

With any luck you will hear the click to indicate that the bump is gone.


Scratch Removal:

If your white car is scratched, use liquid corrector to do a touch up

  1. If your car is a different color, try to find a matching correction fluid or nail polish color and apply it as a temporary solution.
  2. Many dealerships have parts departments that sell small cans of touch up paint that more closely match your vehicle.


Brush the Stripes:

You can often polish small scratches in a car's finish with your dental hygiene products.

  1. Put some toothpaste on an old toothbrush and brush the scratch off. Rub with a clean cloth.


Restore the Shine to an Old Paint:

If your car is old and painted with oxidized paint that has tarnished, try washing it with low-grain bathroom scouring powder.

  1. Apply the cleaner, wet it with a light spray, then scrub gently with a car wash mitt.
  2. First do a test on a small part of the body avoiding the front and the fenders. Once this is done, rinse the car well, then wax it.

Don't worry about small dents or scratches on your car. These handy tips will help you fix the problem and possibly make your car look like new soon.

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