Oct 16 2020

Electronic Anti-Rust, for Streak-Free Protection


Do you want to protect your vehicle against the traces of the passage of time? What if you opted for electronic rust proofing.

There are many treatments available on the market to protect vehicles from rust. There are oil or semi-solid oil treatments, grease treatments, and so-called permanent ones which are in fact protective coatings. There is also the cathodic protection system also called electronic rust prevention. Do you know?


How does Electronic Rustproofing Work?

Essentially, it is a small device placed inside the vehicle, under the hood. It is powered by the vehicle's battery but does not consume more power than the vehicle's digital clock.

  • The small electronic module senses the amount of energy required to create an electrostatic field which will ensure that the metal structure of the vehicle will remain rich in electrons, thus reducing the mobility of ions which is the origin of the corrosion process.
  • This way, by keeping the electrostatic charge between the metal of the car and the oxygen, we make sure to keep the rust away from our vehicle.


What are the Advantages of Electronic Rustproofing?

Professionals in the automotive industry will tell you, the advantages of opting for electronic rustproofing are numerous.

  • All the metal of the vehicle, inside and out (all places where rustproofing usually applied does not go), is protected.
  • The process is good for the life of the car - it never needs to be repeated.
  • No product is applied - this is a process, not a coating.
  • There is no chance that the product will leak and leave marks.
  • No odor is possible.
  • The effects of static electricity, such as nausea and motion sickness, are reduced.
  • Electric shocks between you and the car are reduced.
  • It is a safe process for the environment.
  • There is no panel disassembly or headlight removal to be done.
  • There are no holes to be drilled in the frame or the doors of the vehicle.
  • The device can easily be transported from one car to another.


Ask your Mechanic:

Electronic rust prevention is a small device that a specialist will easily install in your car. In addition, this small electronic corrosion control module is suitable for absolutely all vehicle models, from the smallest to the largest.

  • One single appointment at the auto repair shop and your vehicle will be protected forever. You can even protect all the other vehicles you have afterward in this way.

Electronic anti-rust is a practical and effective solution to protect your vehicle from rust while avoiding leaving traces of oil in your yard and on our roads. What are you waiting for to make an appointment with your auto repair professional?

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