Dec 18 2020

5 Transmission Problems You Shouldn't Ignore


There are five disturbing signs that you should never ignore a vehicle's transmission. They can cause serious damage or even failure and cost you dearly. But what is it all about?


1. Lack of Responsiveness of the Gearbox:

When you are driving, does your car hesitate to change gears or refuse to do so? This is an extremely worrying sign for transmission.

  1. If your car does not respond to gear changes, have it checked by a professional mechanic immediately.


2. Speed ​​Slip:

When an automatic transmission slip occurs while driving, it feels like the car is shifting gears.

  1. This feeling may be accompanied by engine noise, and your car may seem to have a hard time accelerating or doing what you tell it to.


3. Slowness of Engagement:

If you go from "P" to "D" and press the accelerator, does a delay occur before the car does anything? This is an indication of a transmission problem.


4. Transmission Leaks:

We have all at one time or another seen leak spots under our car. Most of the time, these are harmless spills due to water escaping from the air conditioner, for example.

  1. But if you see repeated stains, or if you are not using the air conditioner, place a piece of cardboard under your car to collect a sample of this leak.
  2. Transmission fluid is usually bright red. If you see this color on the cardboard, there is probably a hole that needs to be plugged.
  3. If you see a dark red or brown color, the transmission fluid isn't just leaking. It also needs to be replaced.


5. Warning Light:

Is the “engine warning” light on? If this is the only sign of a problem, you don't necessarily need to be concerned, but if you have also noticed one or more of the other faults we just described, it is best to have your car checked by a professional.


If in Doubt, Contact a Professional:

If anything seems abnormal to you, it is best to consult a professional auto mechanic shop quickly.


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