Oct 12 2021

4 Common Mistakes That Often Occur When Buying a Used Car


The price of a car is getting more and more expensive, coupled with a high tax price, many people who previously wanted to buy a car feel burdened. This burdensome situation is felt by people who have poor financial conditions. Therefore, now many people are turning to used cars instead of trying to buy a new car. Because a car is not an investment product, the price will always go down when it is used. The price, which tends to be much cheaper than a new car, attracts many people to start buying a used car. Generally, when we hear the word used, we immediately think of a car that is of poor quality, wrecked, and very old, but actually not all used cars are like that. There are also many used cars with good quality and even look like new. Avoid these 4 common mistakes that people often make when buying a used car and get a quality used car at a low price.


1. Not Asking Car History:

When buying a used car, there are many things that you must examine, one of which is about the history of the car. Ask in detail about this. Knowing the history of the car is important to avoid losses that may arise in the future. It's best not to buy a used car that's been in a big crash, flooded, and the odometer can be reset. These three things will affect the performance of the engine which may not be felt in the near future. In addition, also ask whether the car was used as a rental car or a car confiscated by a leasing company. This also needs to be asked to avoid the risk of losing friends.


2. Don't Understand About Machines:

An important thing to consider when buying a used car is the condition of the engine. When buying a used car, you should prioritize checking the condition of the engine, because if the car engine is bad, then there's no point in buying that car, right? Well, the problem is that not everyone understands about engines, so what you have to do is invite friends or other people who you trust and understand about car engines well. That way, you don't have to hesitate anymore in determining whether the car is in good condition or not. You have to make sure that every component of the engine is original, or at least it still seems to function properly. If you feel that the car's engine is bad, then you should give up your intention to buy it.


3. Not Checking Vehicle Service Records:

Maybe you already know that a car that is regularly serviced and maintained diligently must have good performance. There is only one way to find out, which is to check the car's service records from the car owner. Usually every time you do a service, the repair shop will write down periodic service records and what components have been replaced so that you can more easily assess the performance of the used car. For the sake of safety and comfort, friends, it is better to choose a car that is regularly serviced, and the components replaced are tried to be original. That way, the condition of the car means it is still good and stronger.


4. Rush During the Test Drive: 

After checking the condition of the car's engine and looking at the service records of the vehicle, it does not mean that the car will function properly. Therefore, you have to do a test drive or try out on the streets. By doing a test drive, you will find out how the actual engine performance is. Pay attention to the sound of the engine, the vibration of the engine, and the smoke in the exhaust of the car. When doing a test drive, you must do it carefully, don't be in a hurry to judge because the actual condition of the engine can only be seen after it has been used for a while or taken for a long time. Maybe you will be judged as a fussy buyer, but that's better than you regret later.

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